Professional Data Recovery Trainings

Data Recovery trainings are main direction of our business. We're teaching specialists around the world, working in commercial companies as well as in  state agencies. The goal of the training is to teach how to recover data from damaged Data storage devices, such as HDD, SSD, USB drives, memory cards using special techniques and equipment. Our company has a wide experience in Data Recovery technologies and the Data Recovery education sphere. We develop and collect data recovery technologies across Russia and the world, with further consolidation in our training programs. We teach engineers not just theory, but focusing on the practical tasks of Data Recovery with different complexity level. You just need to choose the level of training from basic to advanced or customized, decide how many engineers will attend, and send us a request. Our specialists will come to your laboratory anywhere in the world at the appointed date. This individual approach allows your engineers to gain skills and master new techniques in the shortest time without stopping the ongoing work. Data Recovery sphere is unique, there's no rules no books, where knowledge is a key.

Our current courses
Data Recovery. RAID recovery course
Data Recovery. Hard Disk Drives
Data Recovery. Solid State Drives & Flash storage
Data Recovery. Western Digital Marvell
Data Recovery. Seagate F3
Data Recovery. Samsung

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Data Recovery Consulting

Remote help in Data Recovery cases

Nowadays up to half of the drives that come in for data recovery have different problems with Firmware. Some of them are easy to fix, some not, some are very nonstandard. D3 can remotely solve HDD/Flash case of any complexity and make precise diagnostics, even when others claimed "unrecoverable". We have solutions for nonstandard problems. ‚ÄčThe price we charge is fixed, it is just 111 EUR. No data no fee. First "test case" is FREE of charge. We make discounts for clients who have many cases per month. We are ready for a long term cooperation. Feel free to ask any details. Please, apply your request to email:

Post-training consulting

In the Data storage world, manufacturers are constantly improving technology, firmware, algorithms and internal components of their HDD, SSD and Flash products, which leads to significant complication in the Data Recovery process. We're following the newest technologies and are focused on a constant search of the most effective and reasonable solutions. As an addition to Data Recovery training, we also provide to our clients a special consulting service. We help your engineers to do their jobs effectively, on a daily basis. The purpose of this service is to save your time, funds and make your business more efficient by finding optimal solution quickly. In cases when the device has mechanical damage, and there's no way to fix it through Firmware tricks, we make the precise diagnosis and give you recommendations for getting spare parts. 
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Data Recovery Services

We are engaged in research & development in the Data Recovery field from damaged storage media. At the current stage of technology development the most complex and demanded direction is a data recovery from faulty SSD and Monolithic NAND devices, as more and more storage devices store data on solid-state media. Nowadays many portable flash devices use embedded controllers with memory chip which makes the Data Recovery process very complicated, and sometimes unprofitable. Currently, on the market there are no universal tools for successful data restoration from these devices. In our lab we have a special tools and software for data restoration from monolithic NAND chips and broken Solid State Drives. Please, apply your request to email: