Computech srl, Italy

September 25, 2013 :
Computech srl, Italy

I want to give our testimony and personal gratitude to the guys of D3 Consulting. It's because of them that we managed to achieve a level of expertise that we otherwise wouldn't have been able to unless spending a lot of time and money. Thanks to their prompt and precise support, we were always able to find solutions that often seemed hard or impossible. They always surprised me, also by handling requests that may have seemed very ordinary to them, dealing them with great patience and professionalism, showing their great knowledge and passion for their work.
Throughout all my working years I have never found such competent and patient people. That's also because they have built up an immense experience by offering so much support to so many people, which makes them what they are today.
If you are thinking about entering the data recovery world and want to start being productive immediately, you will only be able to do that through their support. Their cost/time ratio is incredibly good, and I've never seen anyone reveal the "tricks of the trade" as they do.
I want to thank Aleks Derkunskii for the administration, and above all Sasha Sheremetov and Igor Loskutov because they are the tech support guys that everyone would want.

Francesco D’Angelo
Computech srl
Via Pulci , 14
20126 Milan