Chip Computers Ltd., Israel

May 29, 2013 :
Chip Computers Ltd., Israel

It's easy to become a professional in what you do in life, all it takes is hard work and determination. The hard thing to do is to give your customers an excellent service. Which it's exactly what the people at D3 Consulting Ltd are doing. Without degrading from the professionalism of the excellent people in D3 Consulting what differs them from other companies in their area of expertise is that extra mile they are going towards their customers.
By giving a fast, kind and patient answer to every question asked, they make you feel comfortable consulting with them whenever you encounter a problem. 
Sasha Sheremetov was very helpful when tutoring us the subject of flash drive data recovery.The patience in which he explained every subject and the persistence he showed to make us understand every lesson are a rare thing even at the best schools. 
Igor Loskutov has showed countless number of times kindness and patience when asked question regarding data recovering from hard drives regardless to how trivial or obvious the question was. 
The entire body wouldn’t work so well without a brilliant head to make all the parts works properly. Alex Derkunskiy manage this great company, making sure the custumer is pleased from the beginning, escorting the client in every step of the way.
For this we at Chip Computers data recovery wish to thank the guys at D3 Consulting and show our sincere appreciation.

Chip Computers Ltd.
19 Saharov St. Rishon LeZion 75707 Israel
Phone: 972-3-9421400 Fax: 972-3-9615166